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Control Products

Sales, Service, Parts, Maintenance, Retrofits for the control equipment of the following companies:

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In April of 2005 the New EMICC was incorporated as a successor to the original Electric Machinery Industrial Controls Corporation (EMICC). The New EMICC offers many of the products that have been manufactured over the last twenty-five years by the original EMICC and its successor companies. These products include HMC1072 MV Motor Controls, Regutron Controls for Adjustable Speed Drives, Vacuum Contactors, and Retrofits. Spare parts, repairs, maintenance, and service are also offered for these and other EMICC, EM, GECAP, CAI, GEC ALSTHOM, ALSTOM, and AREVA Controls Products.

The first EMICC was incorporated in 1978, integrating the Controls Division of Electric Machinery Manufacturing Company (EM), based in Minneapolis, MN, and the controls products of the General Electric Company of England (GEC). Operations began in Minneapolis and as soon as a new plant was constructed in Macon, GA, in 1979, the operations of EMICC commenced there.

To complement the EM controls equipment manufactured by EMICC in Macon, GEC soon introduced the manufacturing of other equipment into the US. GEC had its own motor starter product line, HMC1072, a VFD (variable frequency drive) line, vacuum contactors, and other products. The VFD’s and HMC1072 soon became the core products of EMICC, with the majority of sales in VFD’s. In 1984, GEC purchased the 49 % of the business that EM owned and shortly thereafter renamed the company GEC Automation Products, Inc. (GECAP).

GEC Automation Projects was transferred to CEGELEC in 1990 and renamed CEGELEC Automation Inc. (CAI). CEGELEC was established as a joint venture company between GEC in England and ALSTHOM in France (each owning 50 %). CEGELEC was primarily in the VFD market. CEGELEC struggled to remain profitable and, in an attempt to reduce costs, decided to consolidate facilities in the US. It therefore moved the drives business from Macon to Pittsburgh, PA in 1995. The controls business remained in Macon, GA, as the Industrial Services Division, and was later acquired by GEC ALSTHOM in Hawthorne, NY in 1997, becoming the Medium Voltage Controls and Service Unit.

GEC ALSTHOM moved the business from Macon to Warner Robins in 1998. GEC ALSTHOM, which was jointly owned by GEC (England) and Alcatel Alsthom, went public in 1998 and changed its name to ALSTOM. In January 2004,ALSTOM sold the T&D companies worldwide, of which the Warner Robins operation was part, to AREVA. In Oct. 2004, AREVA announced the relocation of the Warner Robins facility, which by then was primarily focused on HV breakers, to Charleroi, PA, the location of AREVA’s high voltage manufacturing facility.

The controls operations were not part of AREVA’s main scope of supply and AREVA began discussing the sale of this business. The sale of the controls business to the newly formed EMICC was completed on April 25, 2005.

EMICC staff has over 60 years combined experience with our products. All of our products are time tested and our product knowledge is unmatched.

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